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Welcome to Anchor of Hope Counseling Center. It takes courage to grow and find healing in troubled times. We are here to help believers in Israel find hope and a renewed sense of God's loving care.

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Biblical Counseling Course Begins October 30

Anchor of Hope Counseling Center is offering a 30 week biblical counseling course.  Course is in three, 10 week mudules.  Topics include counseling tools, effective communication, couple counseling, conflict resolution, crisis counseling, bereavement and loss, counseling teens, and much more.   Time: 5:30 - 8:30pm.  Place: Clal Building, P1 Level, Ta'aana Room, 97 Jaffa Road, Jerusalem.  Cost: 575 Shekels per module, includes book and light refreshements.  Course is in English, materials available in Hebrew.  For more information email us at

Our Services

Anchor of Hope Counseling Center is here to help individuals, couples and families to meet life's many challenges in several areas such as relationship issues, parenting, bereavement, addiction and much more with the aim of bringing restoration and hope.

Our Mission

Our aim is to serve the local Body of believers in the land through offering Godly counsel, equipping for service through seminars and courses, providing supervision for lay counselors and inspiration to become all God intended you to be.